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Crystals for Easing Anxiety

Posted by Humberto Labaut on
Crystals for Easing Anxiety

Crystals are beautiful and natural rock formations which are formed in the earth over time and have been amazing and inspiring people for thousands of years. A natural crystal is formed when molecules fuse together in a solid mass in water or in carbon,  and the type of crystal that results will depend upon the elements from which was created.

A crystal may be formed in just a few days, or it may take thousands of years to fully develop if the conditions and the elements are right. Many crystals come from deep within the earth’s crust and are millions of years old. 

There are hundreds of different types of crystal and natural crystals can have many healing properties, including helping to reduce stress and improve relaxation.

Some types of crystals are more powerful than others.

Crystal vibrate at a frequency that cannot be heard but emit a powerful energy that can have strong healing and protective properties. A quartz crystal for example will power a radio by picking up electromagnetic radio waves and transferring this into audible sound. Radio waves are all around us yet are undetected. Likewise the vibrations caused by crystals can have a powerful effect upon our well being even though we might not realise it.

Quartz describes a whole family of stones found on all continents and this is the most abundant crystal in the world.  Quartz crystals can help balance energy levels by transforming negative energy waves and static electricity into positive ions that protect the wearer. This means that some crystals have a protective effect against environmental and emotional damage leading to healing and improved calm and relaxation.

Some crystals are especially effective for easing anxiety and promoting relaxation.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a crystal that can be used to amplify the effects of other crystals and it also has a powerful protective effect when used on its own. Clear quartz is prized for its piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties – meaning it has a strong transformative electro magnetic force – it is the type of crystal used in radio sets.

Clear crystal can help with healing and relaxation by working as a filter, helping you avoid the negative energy waves that can bombard us from all directions. It is known for its healing emotional energy because it has a purifying effect upon the mind and body and it stimulates positive feelings. 

Once you have a more optimistic perception of the world, this increased awareness and mental clarity will help you avoid becoming bogged down in negativity and stress.


Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is one of the best crystals for healing anxiety and stress and with its beautiful delicate pink color and fantastic clear formation; you will find that its calming energy can help heal whatever is troubling you.

Holding your crystal or sleeping with it under your pillow is good if you suffer from anxiety induced insomnia. Focusing on your rose quartz and taking some time out with relaxation, breathing exercises or mediation will bring deep inner calm. 

Placing your rose quartz where you can see it throughout the day will remind you to take a little me time that can only be good for the soul.



Amethyst is a beautiful purple colored crystal that has the power to nourish the nervous system and bring inner calm to the wearer. Many people wear amethyst stones and pendants or bracelets and these are not only attractive they can help redress emotional balance. The Amethyst is a very gentle crystal that helps calm down negative thoughts and emotions and replace these with clear thoughts and peaceful focused energy.



Moonstone is known as the stone of motherhood and with its smooth delicate creamy texture, it is perfect for all stresses and strains related to motherhood, childbirth, pregnancy and hormonal fluctuations. This natural crystal is associated with the moon and the female cycle and is relevant to love and new beginnings such as a new child or a new relationship or venture.

 The moonstone helps to stabilize the emotions and its strong energy has a tempering effect upon mood and over reactions. It is also used to improve intuition and if used as a focus for mediation and relaxation, it will help you achieve inner calm by helping to balance mind body and spirit.



Lepidolite is often known as the peace stone and is a light pink or lilac crystal that helps to bring emotional healing to stress and depression. The Lepidolite signifies new beginnings and transformation because it helps you get rid of negative behavior and thought patterns, taking you into the future with renewed hope and optimism.

Lepidolite can be a powerful aid against addiction or mental dependency so is ideal for anyone battling demons such as anorexia or smoking. Using a Lepidolite for meditation will help you grow in independence and learn to trust yourself more fully as it helps you focus on what is important and helps give you the strength to reject damaging habits or behavior patterns.

Lepidolite helps you achieve inner peace so is ideal for people who are stressed because of bad choices and are struggling to cope with the strain of giving them up!  The name Lepidolite comes from the Greek word for balance because of the crystal’s association of helping restore balance and harmony to the user.


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