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Crystals For The Month Of April

Posted by Humberto Labaut on
Crystals For The Month Of April

If you are looking for crystals and stones that represent April you have a great choice. There are at least 12 different stones and crystals that are relevant to this month. April spans two different zodiac signs, which are Aries and Taurus and all the stones associated with the month and the signs have different metaphysical properties.

Crystals and stones make perfect gifts for birthdays and special occasions and the great thing about April is that these can vary widely in terms of cost and value. Literally there is something for everyone whether you have a limited budget or can afford something a little more expensive.

As an added point, the metaphysical properties of each stone or crystal are not dictated by price, and the right stone may not necessarily be the most expensive.  So although a diamond may be a wonderful gift, you can find April birthstones that are probably more relevant without being prohibitively expensive.  

So take a look at our guide to April crystals and stones to find out more.

First up let’s look at Aries.



This fire sign rules between March 21 and April the 20th and people born under the sign of Aries, the Ram, tend to be bold, optimistic and ambitious. They can be extremely brave and are usually very open with a sunny disposition that attracts friends; however these positive traits do need to be tempered with caution.

 Aries people often act first and think later and like the Ram that symbolizes their sign, can be headstrong. In addition some Aries people can be short tempered especially if they get bogged down with too many details or fail to get their own way.


Carnelian is an orange colored semi precious crystal that is perfect for people born under the sign of Aries. This beautiful stone can be a red tinted brown or vibrant orange and sometimes these colors are formed in bands across the stones surface.

The latent energy of Carnelian has numerous powers. It can help boost qualities such as strength, endurance and bravery. It also has the ability to help the holder become more grounded and it has a calming effect too. Many people use Carnelian as a way to boost mood because it seems to work as an anti depressant. The ancient Egyptians believed that the Carnelian was a representation of the heart and had many spiritual powers.


The birthstone for Aries is the diamond.  This gemstone symbolizes, faith, love and honesty and helps the wearer achieve inner peace and good relationships. The diamond is the most valuable gemstone and is extremely special because of its flawless beauty and transparency. Inner strength and transparency are suitable for the Aries personality because these qualities reflect their character traits.

In addition because Aries tend to be leaders, it seems appropriate that the diamond, the most valuable gemstone, is also associated with this zodiac sign.


Topaz is the talismanic stone for Aries. This means it is thought to give the wearer magical powers and protection from harm. Topaz comes in a variety of colors including brown and turquoise but color that is associated with Aries is yellow or a yellowy pink, sometimes known as Imperial Topaz.

Topaz symbolizes wisdom, knowledge and a long life and is believed to have a very calming effect upon people who are under pressure.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper is the planetary stone of Aries meaning it symbolises the sign’s ruling planet which is the red planet of Mars.  Red is Aries’ colour so this stone is very appropriate to anyone born under this sign.

Red Jasper is a type of quartz stone and is known as the stone of endurance. It helps increase strength and helps inner healing because it helps the wearer increase physical energy and stamina while becoming more balanced and centered. 

The Red Jasper is beneficial to everyone but especially Aries signs who sometimes need help in becoming more focused and grounded.


The Bloodstone, sometimes known as a heliotrope, is a type of Jasper but is distinguished by its distinctive green color flecked with red spots.  This traditional Aries birthstone is a powerful healing stone that cleanses the blood and helps the wearer combat negative energy such as electromagnetic fields. Many people believe that the Bloodstone can protect against blood related illnesses and remove toxins.

For Aries people who can be headstrong, the Bloodstone can help temper their energies and help them to think before they act.


Tiger’s Eye and Citrine

These two stones are often paired together to enhance their powers and for the person born under Aries this is a fantastic combination that can help bestow numerous powers and healing properties.

Tigers Eye is a beautiful striped stone of yellow and brown markings – similar to the tiger’s eye after which it is named.  The Tiger’s Eye represents boldness and confidence so reflects the Aries personality very well.

Citrine is a pale yellow quartz crystal so named after the French word Citron which means lemon, and some Citrine crystals can be as yellow as a lemon or may tend towards a deeper or brownish hue. Citrine carries the power of the sun and is all about freshness and new beginnings. It is also the stone of abundance and is often carried for luck in commercial ventures to help attract money.

Tiger’s Eye and Citrine together are perfect for the energetic Aries person looking to create a new enterprise because this combination helps keep confidence levels high and may help improve commercial success.



Born between April 21st to May the 21st people born under the sign of Taurus the Bull, tend to have some bullish characteristics because they can be stubborn and they will not be pushed around. Taurus types are dependable, are loyal and make great friends as they are often enthusiastic, uncomplaining and are generous and kind. 

In general Taurus people look after their comforts and generally have a fantastic flair for decorating and an inner appreciation of beauty. Ruled by the planet Venus, the goddess of love, Taureans cannot live without beauty and comfort though as a downside they can sometimes become overly materialistic and possessive.


Malachite is known as the stone of transformation and with its beautiful green hues and mesmerizing appearance, it is ideal for everyone to wear. Taureans especially can benefit from the potent energy of malachite as it is recommended for this sign.

Malachite can improve intuition and your nose for risk. This are usually well honed in Taureans so adding Malachite to your crystal armory will help you make the right decisions in work , business and your love life. In addition Malachite can help you make transformations and react to unexpected events.

Malachite helps sharpen focus and improves decision making under stress so is a fantastic crystal for helping you to transform your life by turning adverse events into positive benefits.


The Sapphire is the traditional birthstone for Taurus. This beautiful blue gemstone helps Taureans learn to trust themselves and to stay focused on their plans and ambitions. The Sapphire helps bring energy to the user , which is a great advantage for the often laid back Taurus sign and it is a stone that is known to bring happiness and enlightenment.

The Sapphire reflects Taurus traits because it is one of the most beautiful gemstones in the world and can be deep and mysterious. In addition the Sapphire is very valuable in monetary terms so will appeal to the Taurean materialistic side. Taurus signs love to collect beautiful things and have a deep appreciation of natural beauty.


The Emerald is the planetary stone for Taurus. This fabulous green gemstone is symbolic of the goddess Venus who the ancient Egyptians associated with rebirth, fertility and good luck.  The stone is believed to protect lovers from unfaithfulness and many astrologers believe that the Emerald can improve mental capabilities when worn by Taureans.

Many Taureans are very grounded with a love of nature and this combined with the beauty of this green stone makes the emerald a powerful force for this zodiac sign.


The Garnet is the talismanic stone for Taurus. This means that it supposed to give the wearer luck, power and protection.  Garnets are obtainable in all colours although they are best known for being dark red. However garnets can be in all colors including yellow, green, pink and even colorless. They are extremely rare in blue.

Garnets are all about balance. They can help the wearer come to terms with strong emotions such as grief because they can help your emotions achieve equilibrium following a traumatic event. Many people believe that garnets can remove toxic energy and re energize your body and your mind.

Garnets also symbolize physical love and relationships so are an ideal gift between lovers who want to maintain their relationship.


Amber is a semi precious stone that is often associated with Taurus. This gold and brown hued stone is derived from the fossilized resin from ancient trees dating back to around 50 million years and sometimes may even have an ancient insect trapped in the solidified resin.

Amber is a magical semi precious stone.  It was used in ancient medicine as a protection against plague and there is an idea that amber offers protection against evil. Many people throughout history have worn or carried amber as protection against evil, temptation or disease.

For Taureans, wearing or carrying amber helps a connection to the natural world as it combines the energy of the sun with the wild primal forces of nature.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a beautiful pink crystal that is symbolic of love and beauty. It is ideal for calming down emotional stress and replacing with an inner calm and positivity.  Many people believe that wearing Rose Quartz slows down the aging process.

Rose Quartz is perfect for encouraging spiritual reflection. This crystal can heal damaged emotions and teach the wearer to feel comfortable within their own skin. Once we learn to accept and love ourselves, we can accept and love others more easily too. This beautiful stone is associated with Venus so is ideal for people born under the sign of Taurus, especially if they are undergoing personal issues relating to love. Rose quartz is all about the heart so is ideal for this purpose.



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