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Crystals for The Month of May

Posted by Humberto Labaut on
Crystals for The Month of May

May is such a wonderful month. In the northern hemisphere the spring is well underway with new life bursting out all around us. This special time is all about hope and optimism and new beginnings. The seeds you have planted are beginning to awake in the garden, the birds and animals are getting jiggy with it, and we finally feel that the winter is behind us and the promise of summer is on the horizon.

If you could distil the essence of May it would be full of light and delicate flower fragrances combined with all that bursting energy of growth and renewal.  Crystals for May have these qualities too, sometimes making these stones seem deceptively light and pretty but which are in fact underpinned with a powerful elemental power that reflects this season.

The practice of associating precious stones and crystals to certain months dates back to biblical times and an association with the 12 apostles. It has also been recognised in eastern cultures and religions including Hinduism and of course the signs of the zodiac which crosses all cultures worldwide.  Throughout the world and through history, people have recognised the power and the beauty of crystals and gemstones, a practice dating back to ancient times.



Agate is also associated with May. Agate crystals have been appreciated since the Neolithic period and archaeological excavations have uncovered agate beads and other agate artefacts including arrow heads and axes which historians believe may have been used for ceremonial purposes.  The Agate is a powerful healing crystal that is highly prized for its beauty as well as its great powers.

Agate is a type of mineral rock called Chalcedony and is part of the quartz family of crystals. Mainly formed in volcanic rock, Agates can be found in beautiful colours including green, brown blue and red and they often feature beautiful translucent patterns across the surface of the crystal.

All quartz crystals vibrate at a high frequency but the agate is far less intense than pure quartz. This means Agate has a deeper vibration so it can help promote strength and stability in the user.

Agate is all about balance and harmony and maintaining equilibrium between positive and negative.  As a crystal for May it works perfectly with the duality of Gemini but it is also good for meditation and as a focus for achieving stability and achieving balance.

 If you struggle with conflicting areas of life such as maintaining a balance between two paths or you struggle with your work life commitments, Agate will help you find the path back to harmony.



Traditionally, the birthstone for May is the emerald. This beautiful green gemstone has been connected with May since the 1400s and reflects the new green shoots of growth and renewal of life, with its vibrant green colour.

The emerald is known as the stone for love and successful partnerships in a relationship sense. Many birds and animals mate for life coming together in early spring for a lifetime of togetherness and although this does not always happen in humans – we do tend to know when we have found our own true soul mate.  

An emerald signifies the beginning of undying love, unity and partnerships so it is a perfect symbol for new love that is going to last.




Carnelian is so named because it is a red stone in various shades and hues and comes from the Latin prefix carn, meaning flesh. Carnelian is a type of Chalcedony, a mineral from the quartz family and is the traditional Hebrew birthstone for the month of May.

Carnelian is a very vital crystal. Like Agate it is used to promote balance and stability but it also helps with improving optimism, courage and motivation. This healing stone will help you overcome obstacles and abuse of any kind and helps you learn to trust yourself and to have confidence in your own perceptions and abilities.

As a crystal for May, Carnelian reflects the power of the season. It is important to remember that although May is a pretty month, it is the time of the year when the life force is at its most powerful and bursting with energy.

Love and renewal and future growth in nature all starts with a small seed and a tiny shoot. Likewise, Carnelian nurtures your confidence so that you can achieve your potential as it grows . Many people who are struggling with confidence and new beginnings will find that Carnelian with its fiery life energy can offer support.



Chrysoprase is a green crystal that is part of the Chacedony classification of stones.  The name is derived from Ancient Greek and means golden green and this colour is caused by small quantities of nickel and can vary between bright apple green to a very pale turquoise. When polished the stones can have a delicate pattern but the main visual quality of Chrysoprase is the green colour which can be stunning or quietly calming and beautiful.

Chrysoprase is associated with the month of May and has been used throughout history for its healing properties since the 14th century such as for treating gout or improving eyesight.  We don’t suggest you try it for medical ailments but it does suggest that this crystal does have powerful regenerative and healing properties.

For spiritual use, Chrysoprase is good for lifting the spirits and improving your mood. Closely linked to the natural world, Chrysoprase can help you focus on what is important and may help banish negativity and anger. This is because it can help ease the symptoms of grief, worry and heartbreak and enable you to see these emotions as part of the circle of life rather than as an end. 

Empowering, cheerful and optimistic, the Chrysoprase is a perfect crystal for May. It can help you see problems in their true perspective and it can remind us that the bad times can pass and that good times are just around the corner.

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    Peace and blessings I love 💗 the variety of crystal and other beautiful stones you displayed on your site that Selenite wand is a must for me will be purchasing one really soon ✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾

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