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Top 5 Ways to Cleanse and Energize Your Crystals

Posted by Humberto Labaut on
Top 5 Ways to Cleanse and Energize Your Crystals

   Those who are just starting their crystal healing journey always have many questions about their Crystals. One of the questions we get asked the most frequently see on many crystal groups is: How do I cleanse and energize my crystals?

   Well there are many ways to do this, it really depends on your preference. But you asked and we answered, here are our top 5 ways to cleanse and energize your crystals.


 1)The Sun and the Moon

   Our favorite way of cleansing and charging is by using the light from the sun and the moon. The sun and moon transmit natural energies which are ideal for this process. The way to do this is as easy as it sounds, leave your crystals out during the day to receive energy from the sun or at night to receive energy from the moon. The moon provides a gentler source of energy while the sun produces a much stronger form of energy, so ensure you know which you prefer for better results.

   This process is very simple but a word of caution: Some crystals may start to lose color if left in the Sunlight for extended periods of time. To safeguard against this place your crystals in sunlight during sunrise or sunset and do not leave them in the light for too long.


2) Visualization

   We always emphasize on the power of intentions for anything that you are trying to achieve, whether it involves crystals or not. By using this power of intention you can cleanse and energize your crystals through visualization. This is not a difficult process but it can take some practice to master. To begin you can simply hold your crystal and focus only on your crystal. Next you visualize a bright white beam of light coming down and surrounding the stone in its essence. Visualize your crystal releasing all it’s built up negative energies until you feel the crystal is clean and clear. Next picture your crystal receiving and being filled with the energy of the beam of light, feel the energy coming down to the crystal. Once you believe your crystal is ready and full of energy then you job is all done.

   Like we mentioned earlier it may be a bit difficult to focus on this process at first, but with practice it will become easier and more powerful.


3) Smudging

   One of the most common way many people cleanse their crystals is through a process called “Smudging”. So what is smudging? Well smudging involves using the smoke of either Sage, Cedarwood, Sweetgrass, Sandalwood, or Palo Santo to cleanse crystals; there are other types of incense that can be used as well, but from our experience these are the most effective. When burned these incenses release elements into the air which remove negative energies. This is done very easily, you can either fan the smoke across the crystals or directly pass the incense back and forth making sure the smoke covers the crystals. A few seconds to a minute is plenty of time to cleanse your crystals and a little intention and visualization won’t hurt either.


4) Bath

   Another easy way to get your crystals cleansed and energized is the same way that we, people, do it: a nice refreshing bath. The best way to give your crystals an energizing bath is by setting them in a natural running river and letting the water flow around your crystals. If there is no river near you another good natural way is using the water from the rain. Either let the rain water pour on your crystals or collect the rain and let your crystals soak for about 20 minutes. If there is no river and it happens to be dry season, well just fill up a cup or bowl and fill it up with tap water, then place your crystals inside it.

   A word of wisdom: be careful which crystal you decide to let soak since some crystal can be damaged if left in water for too long.



5) Selenite

   Last but not least another excellent way to cleanse and charge your crystal is by pairing them with Selenite. Selenite’s unique properties make it perfect for cleansing, purifying and recharging crystals. There are two ways of doing this: First place your crystals on a Selenite plate and leave them over night to cleanse and charge. Second us a Selenite wand or stick the same way you would use sage, move the Selenite back and forth over your crystals or tap them with a Selenite wand to recharge them. Selenite’s energy never diminishes so you do not have to worry about charging it.


   Well there you have it, our 5 top ways to cleanse and charge your crystals. Always remember to be cautious how you charge each specific crystals since some are damaged by excessive light or water. Lastly, don’t be afraid of combining any of these ideas for better results. Stay energized!

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