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Moon Gem Jar


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Moon Gem Jar - Aquamarine, Amethyst, Cherry Tanzurine

*Please note each moon will vary in size. Ex: One bundle may have a larger Aquamarine Moon, while another has a larger Amethyst Moon. 

Each piece is hand made at our shop and intuitively chosen just for you

Aquamarine is resonates with the energy of the oceans and has been used by sailors as a talisman for safety and protection during their journey. It is a stone of verbal self-expression, intellect, and tolerance. 

Amethyst is a must have Crystal that connects us with the spirit world. It is a stone for Psychic Connections, Balance, and Spiritual Guidance

Cherry Tanzurine is the perfect stone when we find ourselves in stressful situation. It is a stone for Calmness, Comfort, and Healing.

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