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About Us

Hello, welcome to The Elestial Tree. We are so glad you are here.
Our Story

      We are Humberto and Kriss, a husband and wife team and the founders of The Elestial Tree. Although we are a small business, we have always had great a passion for crystals. We are visualizing our dreams and watching them become a reality one day at a time. We are finding 100% real, and organic crystals from around the world and sending them straight to your home, office, school, and business; all for a reasonable price.

      Our love for crystals began on Kriss's 20th birthday. One of her friends gifted Kriss a book on chakra healing and a small bag with 7 small stones; one for each chakra. Little did we know that small act of giving would change our lives forever. As soon as Kriss picked up the book she felt like this was something she had been missing her entire life. She instantly fell in love with these crystals and she could feel their energy working wonders for her. She began to tell Humberto, which was still her boyfriend at the time, about her experiences and convinced him to at least give them a try. Humberto began to read the book and study the crystals. They were both hooked.

      Fast forward to today, our life's have changed but our passion for crystals have not. We are now happily married, and thanks to your support and the support of our loved ones, we have been able to found The Elestial Tree and share our passion with the rest of the world. We’ve come a long way since the first time we opened that book and we have learned much. There is abundance, we have found that abundance and it is out there for every one. We want you to find yours and make your passions a reality as well. Abundance comes easy, you just have to let it in.     

Our Mission

      Our Mission is simple: Find you 100% real, organic and one of a kind crystals, stones and accessories at a reasonable price, all while providing fast and impeccable service. 

How do we do this?

      First, we only sell merchandise we absolutely love ourselves. We believe that our brand is only as good as our products. All our crystals and stones are 100% organic and one of a kind. We receive our specimens from all over the world including Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, Madagascar, Morocco, South Africa and our beautiful USA. When you shop with us you can rest easy that all of our Crystals are 100% genuine, you will not find glass or fakes at our shop. We cleanse all of our crystals and stones before we deliver them to their new home to ensure they are ready to be charged by your own intentions. We are so sure that you will love our products that we guarantee your 100% satisfaction. We hand pick all our Crystals from our trusted suppliers in order to bring you only the best products. 

      Next, we offer our earth-grown crystals at competitive prices. We are a business and yes we do desire an abundant income, but we believe that providing you with reasonable prices is worth more than than a hefty paycheck. We are always researching and finding the best prices and deals to offer you. We promise fair prices and deals everyday.


      Finally, we provide you with fast shipping and customer service. When we discover beautiful crystals all over the world we can’t wait to get our hands on them and we believe you shouldn't either. All our orders are processed and shipped within 1-4 days, and delivered 1-3 days after they are shipped. If you really can’t wait we offer two-day and over night shipping at checkout for an extra fee.  All orders come with a tracking number at no extra expense so you know where your crystals are at all times. We want you to feel like a family member not a customer, that’s why we emphasis on customer service. Have a question or concern about a product? Weren't satisfied with a product or service? Want to get to know us better? Then we would love to hear from you, email us or call us at anytime and we will get back to you within 24-hours.


      We are a small family business with big dreams and aspirations. Our goal is to share with the world the wonders of crystals, from their unique aesthetics to their healing properties. Crystals have made an amazing difference in our life and we would love to share our experiences and hopefully have you share yours with us. One day, we will have our own “brick and mortar” store filled from wall to wall with marvelous crystals and an abundance of energy. Until that day comes we want to spread that love and energy one small box at a time.   


These are our promises to you.